Text messages in heatlhcare

Great healthcare is as much about professional service as it is about good relationships. Companies operating in this sector can benefit from two-way messaging in many ways.

Booking appointments can be done entirely through two-way text messaging. Just include the available date, time and location of the appointment, and allow your client to make a selection by simply texting you back.Two-way messages can be used to quickly ask your patients to provide the extra information you require – allergies, current temperature, etc. before the appointment.

After the visit, use two-way messages to send quick polls and satisfaction surveys which your patients can complete with minimal effort, straight from the messaging app. This gives you the valuable feedback allowing you to improve the quality of your healthcare practice – at a minimal effort on the patient’s side.

Two-way messages can be used to deliver time-critical information on test results (worrying MRI or X-ray imaging and blood results). Let your patients download their results by simply clicking a link in the message. With two-way messaging, the recipient is more likely to read the message. Additionally, you can ask them to confirm the receipt with a simple response – or let them immediately schedule a follow-up agreement.

Text messages in heatlhcare
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