Text messages for e-commerce

Texts are a great way to show you think about your customers and care about them, but two-way messaging is the only way to show you really mean it.

Many people make their purchase decisions quickly. Customer service departments can use two-way messaging to quickly answer unique customer queries. If a customer is unsure about the specifications of a product and wants to ask an additional question before the purchase, a quick response is key to make sure they don’t slip away to another seller.

Businesses selling certain products can provide their clients with step-by-step instructions and support setting up a device they bought from you. This improves conversion rates and builds your image of a truly customer-centric business.

You can use text messaging to take advantage of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities – send special offers and discount codes directly to your customer’s phone.

Send abandoned cart reminders and recover your sales before the client makes the purchase at another store. Bringing in new customers is hard, but losing them is easy (and costly). That’s why you should use the 98% open rates of text messages to reduce customer effort and hold on to customers you worked so hard to acquire.

Text messages for e-commerce
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